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Network Gate WEB Seminar - free online workshops - Our Network Gate webinars are designed to help you assess whether Network CRM is right for you or not. Includes:

  1. Network CRM overview;
  2. Convert your current data;
  3. Q&A throughout - supported by live software demonstration;
  4. Frank appraisal as to whether Network CRM is suitable for you or not;
  5. If a good fit - then go away with a free trial system.

Network Gate Management stands for Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Environment System . We did not like the name CRM (Customer Relationship Management), because with Network Gate Management you can manage not only customer's data, but also internal business records like employees, inventory, electronic environment etc.

Network Gate Management has modular design. Some modules provide basic, low-level functions like user authentication (login), managing sessions, database connectivity, data entry verification etc. Think of modules as building blocks - you can stack them - one on top of another - to create different shapes. The same way with NG framework and included modules you can create web application with different functionality: CRM, SFA, ERP or SCM. In fact we created already.

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Host your next webinar or meeting for up to 10 people absolutely free with a fully featured Network Gate account.

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There are many different cloud solutions available and it can be overwhelming to figure out what exactly your company needs.

Network Gate and ITTuva help you with the complete product development life cycle, including:

Product Concept

Network Gate help bring together your ideas with questions and answers that help our design team create a full service product.

Developing a proof of concept

A proposal with everything you need to bring your ideas to fruition.

Product Design and Engineering

A total lifecycle design and engineering of your product/services even after rollout.

Testing and Maintenance

Complete testing of services from security to compliance along with product maintenance.

Choose your Hosting Plan Today

Need a website, but do not want any complicated solutions? Want to take advantage of all the benefits without time consuming? This solution is for you. What is it and how does it work? One server hosts a certain number of sites. You get access to login data and you can manage all the affairs related to the page. Convenience is provided by the cPanel management tool.

  • 1GB of SSD disk space
  • Includes Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited data stream
  • Unlimited emails mail box
  • 2 MySQL databases
  • PHP version selection
  • back ups
  • data transfer
  • free dedicated IP *
  • 1 supported site
  • automatic install tool
25 €/ year
Medium Business
  • 5GB SSD disk space
  • Includes Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited data stream
  • Unlimited emails mail box
  • 20 MySQL databases
  • PHP version selection
  • back ups
  • data transfer
  • free dedicated IP *
  • 5 supported sites
  • automatic install tool
85 €/ year
  • Unlimited SSD disk space
  • Includes Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited data stream
  • Unlimited emails mail box
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • PHP version selection
  • back ups
  • data transfer
  • free dedicated IP *
  • Unlimited amount of supported sites
  • automatic install tool
120 €/ year

Network Gate Support is licensed per user, not per computer, with no additional fees for client agents installed by the program. The number of licenses required must correspond with the actual number of people that use the software. For example, if there are 10 technicians that will be running the software and connecting to 10,000 remote machines, a 10-user license is required. Each user license allows for three separate installations (for example: desktop, laptop, and home computer). A user installing in three separate locations will still be covered under the license provided that they are the only person running the software on those additional machines.


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Network Gate provides massive technical experience in  building web application development solutions that are strong, scalable and world-class...

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Our custom ecommerce development solution features scalability to match any business requirement and are equipped with easy third party integration.
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Network Gate and iTTuva is a Business Consultant & strategic company bridging the divide between technology and client satisfaction. With 14 years of knowledge, innovation and hands-on experience in providing consultations to Startups, ISVs & Agencies who need dedicated development & technology partners.

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