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Network Gate Ticketing Management System

Network Gate Ticketing Management System (TMS) is a simple and convenient web based ticketing, project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, setting tasks and monitoring your work based on Network Gate Framework. Here are some of the features included in the current release of Network Gate TMS.

Network Gate TMS is help desk software re-imagined. Our customers use our Network Gate TMS software to provide support to their customers. But what is help desk or ticketing system software? It is a software suite that enables customer support or support desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests. Network Gate TMS builds on this definition of help desk software by creating a powerful Network Gate Framework and ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations. You can quickly and easily increase productivity by automating business rules via triggers and automations, and by creating predetermined responses (known as “macros”) to frequently asked questions. Customers appreciate having a single point of contact to get help for their issues. Network Gate TMS enables conversations via web, email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Online Chat (Addiction Feature), community forums, Project Management , Invoicing, Knowledge Bases and more. No matter how your customer contacts you, Network Gate TMS centralizes all communication so nothing gets ignored.

Project Management

Get your projects organized! Assign a project to your collaborators and let your clients see the progress of their work on their Dashboard. Let your clients know what is happening using the Projects Comments area. You can also share files with descriptions across the system with your clients with email notifications.


Invoicing System

Network Gate TMS comes with Invoicing System so you can receive Payments via Paypal and get your database updated automatically.

Create Estimates

Network Gate TMS create and send detailed estimates and get to know the estimate status any time. Once an Estimate is Accepted, you can Instantly convert them into Invoices.

Bug Tracker

What gets tracked gets improved! That means carefully tracking what needs fixing, fixing it and verifying that the fixes work. Also Network Gate TMS include ticketing system.

Messaging System

Use this feature to discuss anything with your clients/collaborators. Just like the Project comments, the recipient is notified via email when you send them a message.

NG Ticketing System

  • Assign staff members to departments
  • Let your clients submit tickets
  • Get email alerts when ticket submitted
  • Create custom fields in each departments

Email Notifications

  • Assigned tasks notification
  • Tickets system email notifications
  • Project complete email alert
  • API supported

Private Messaging

  • Send private messages to clients
  • Send message to multiple clients
  • Get notified via mail

Project Tasks

  • Add tasks to your projects
  • Attach files to tasks
  • Assign tasks to different members of your project team
  • Add milestones to tasks
  • Track time spent on each task

Project Bugs/Ticketing

  • Clients report bugs
  • Clients open ticket
  • Attach files to bugs
  • Assign bug to staff
  • Bug comments supported

Assign Project/Task

  • Assign projects to multiple staff
  • View project teams
  • Assign tasks to team members

Invoicing System

  • Create Invoices
  • Send Invoices as PDF
  • Online Invoice payments

File Sharing

  • Upload project files
  • Get email alerts on uploads
  • Post a file description
  • Project files preview (JPEG/PNG/GIF)

Project Notes

  • Never forget your client’s passwords
  • Save important project notes
  • Hidden from staff

Project/Task Timer

  • Track each project time
  • Track project tasks time
  • Manually enter worked hours
  • View hours spent by project teams




Network Gate TMS works on any Device.

Multi screen, Multi Devices

Developed using Notebook Bootstrap 3 Theme.

One Application for Multiple Devices.

Network Gate TMS Multi Language:


At Network Gate, we focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses on the Web, enabling them to realize their dreams of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial independence. We pioneered the service for creating and acquiring specific "web addresses" (known as domain name registration), and today offer a full range of Web-related services.

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