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Network Gate Hospital Management System (HMS)

Cloud based advanced and powerfull Network Gate Management Software for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic centers or Medical institutes.

Network Gate Hospital Management System (HMS)

Strong inventory control system to regulate Network Gate HMS

Network Gate Health Management Solutions is a IT Solutions Company which started in 2011. It has a flag-ship product Network Gate Hospital Management System (HMS) which is published in 2015 Q4. Network Gate HMS is a cloud/web-based application which covers all financial, clinical and operational requirements of a hospital/clinic. 2016 we upgrade for all end customers Network Gate HMS to the new 2.3 version.

Network Gate HMS web based Hospital Management System is an ERP suite of software system modules to computerize any massive scale hospital and connected clinics and its branches. it's totally on-line web based software system. the data is obtainable anytime, anywhere. Network Gate HMS is additionally out there on mobile devices iPhone, Android or Windows platforms. There are many complete modules available in Network Gate HMS web module section.

System Benefits

Strong inventory control system to regulate Network Gate HMS

Hospitals pay near twenty fifth of their revenue on medicines and consumables. This inventory is unfold across the hospital in varied wards, OT and in pharmacies. Unless these stock movements area unit tracked  and stocks verified often, there's a high risk of loss, either on purpose or accidentally.

Network Gate HMS provides solutions for close pursuit of inventory through many controls. as an example, items marked as billable can not be 'consumed' with none bill. there's facility to trace indents for varied departments to ascertain that department is asking what consumables at what frequency. Controls may be place in such the way that items area unit issued only against indents. there's an choice to track expiration date of medicines so unused medicines may be came back well before their expiration dates.

Automated calculation of all paymentsStock verification at regular intervals is another necessary perform. following of stock changes by analyzing breakages and missing items is otherwise to make sure that these don't withdraw of hand.

Automated calculation of all payments (to referral doctors, consultants, Outhouses, etc)

Network Gate HMS additionally provides an possibility for automatic calculation of all payments to be created to consulting doctors or referral doctors. we have a tendency to payment calculations supported very advanced rules. as an example, we are able to calculate payments to doctors based on class of patient, specialty of doctor, variety of service provided, whether or not insurance patient or not etc.. quantity|the quantity|the number} will be fixed or calculated as a proportion once deducting some fixed amount. there's additionally a facility to create changes, if any, when the calculations are done.

There is an analogous facility on the market to calculate the payments to be created to outhouses for tests sent to them furthermore.

Profitability Analysis and Growth Analysis at Department level

Network Gate HMS provides several tools to analyse the performance of hospitals or medical center. Tho' there's plenty of knowledge on the market in HMS, unless it's created on the market for simple analysis, it will not serve any purpose. Network Gate HMS provides 2 simple ways in which to attain the information analysis. One is thru the use of Report Builder. Our Report Builder feature doesn't need any information of databases and table fields. The user will merely choose the kind of report he desires (whether tabular details report, outline totals report or trend report), date range, choose the fields for news, choose the grouping, sorting criteria and so apply filters (like as an example report of only revenue from surgical operation department).

Another option for information analysis is thru the use of Network Gate HMS Business Intelligence tools. nowadays there are wonderful visualisation tools on the market to show the information of a hospital or medical center. Network Gate HMS has partnered with several Network Gate HMS vendors to produce diagrammatically wealthy analysis facility.

Automated Operations that reduce dependability on specific employees

Human Resource Management

Network Gate HMS long run success and growth comes from standardized operations and processes that cut back dependency on information and experience of specific set of workers. By implementing a product like Network Gate HMS, that is used by several hospitals across the globe, giant hospitals will bring standardization in their systems. As hospitals across the globe evolve and produce in new standards, hospitals is assured that Network Gate HMS can bring those standards to their operations conjointly.

HMS Benefits

Using Network Gate HMS reduces your dependency on particular employees and greatly increases the ROI. The best in class security is assured with updates on regularly. Network Gate HMS has Rental and On-premises license model hence maintenance is easy and quick.

  • User Friendly design
  • Centralized Database system
  • Complete database Driven
  • Easy to be customized
  • Modular Structure
  • Graphical user interface
  • Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules
  • Easy to install, Easy to maintain
  • Voice tutors of complete software operations
  • Graphical Presentation of MIS
  • Single window view to locate patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical Records


The era of using papers for maintaining records are gone. Network Gate HMS drastically reduce the use of papers. Even the reports are available online for the users to download.

Simple & Quick

The time taken to do each operation in Network Gate HMS is quick. Any user who has knowledge about operations of Hospital can start using Network Gate HMS in no time.

Cloud based

It is also available in cloud which has enormous advantage of being up-to-date with all security features and upgrades. The backups are automated to there is no worry of losing any data.


Multi user account system

Access for 8 types of user account.

Multi device user interface

HMS will run over all kinds of devices seamlessly.

Regular free updates

Regular updates are available to download for free.

Developer support ready

Dedicated developer support is available any time.

Network Gate framework

Built on latest version of Network Gate php framework.

RTL support

Supports right-to-left text alignment.

Multiple language support

Supports 12 different languages.

Easy customization

Easily customizable interface.

Monitoring of whole activities

Administrators can monitor all activities of the organization.

All user accounts management

Administrators can create and manage all 7 user account groups.

Notice board schedule

Easily create notices and view them in event calendar.

Profile system

Edit your own profile.

Appointment management

The doctor can create and manage appointments with patients.

Appointment schedule

View all appointments at a glance in calendar view.

SMS notification

Patients get notified via sms after appointment approval.

Appointment filtering

Receptionists are able to filter appointments based on doctors and time periods for ease of access.

Prescription and diagnosis reports

The doctor assigns prescriptions and diagnosis reports to patients.

Medical reports management

Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports.

Medication history

View entire medication history of patients.

Appointment application

Patients can apply for appointments with a doctor.

Bed allotment and blood bank management

All beds/wards, blood bank and blood donor status can be managed efficiently.

Medicine management

Pharmacists can manage all medicines.

Invoice management

All invoices and payment information is managed by accountant.

Internal messaging

Private messaging between doctor and patient.

This software can be in use for:

  • Super Speciality Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
  • Small Hospital & N.Home Management System (HNMS)
  • Blood Bank Management System (BBMS)
  • Diagnostics management System (DIMS)
  • Lab Management System (LIMS)
  • Radiology Management System (RDMS)
  • Pharmacy Management System (PHMS)
  • Clinic Management System (CLMS)
  • Drug Interaction Management System (DRMS)
  • OPD Management System (ODMS)
  • IPD Management System (IDMS)
  • Histopathology Management System (HPMS)
  • Gynaecology & Pediatrics Management System (GPMS)
  • Ophthalmology Management System (OPMS)
  • Dentistry Management System (DTMS)
  • Polyclinic Management System (PLMS)

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