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Network Cloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface, mobile, tablet device or WebDAV. It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web. Installation has minimal server requirements, doesn’t need special permissions and is quick. Network Cloud is extendible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins.

Network Cloud helps enterprises concerned about sensitive data leakage via Dropbox deliver a secure file sync and share solution on site, on their storage, integrated with their infrastructure and security systems, managed to their policies. The result is an easy-to-use solution that provides complete control over sensitive corporate data.

Network Cloud helps enterprises concerned

So, you think you have a Dropbox or other systems problem

Your employees are using cloud-based services to share sensitive company data with vendors, customers, partners and one another. They are syncing data to their mobile devices and home computers, all in an effort to get their job done faster and easier, and all without IT’s permission.

Your sensitive company data is stored on servers outside of your control, outside of your policy and regulatory guidelines – maybe even outside your of country – and not managed by you. The potential for data leakage, security breaches and harm to your business is enormous, but you do not want to hamper productivity.

See how Network Cloud solves the Dropbox and other Problem

Only Network Cloud combines the the simplicity of Dropbox with the management and security of enterprise-grade software. Network Cloud is flexible, open and extensible, and uses on-premise storage to put file sync and share control back into the hands of IT.Network Cloud solves

Network Cloud integrates seamlessly into existing user directories, governance, security, monitoring, storage and back-up tools - becoming part of the existing infrastructure. And because Network Cloud is open source and open by nature, plug-in apps exist to extend Network Cloud out of the box, enabling LDAP/AD integration, file versioning, filesharing, external file system mounts and much more. If an application or capability needed is not there, simply create a new application plug-in and add it to the Network Cloud server.


Access Your Data

Store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more on a server of your choosing. Access that folder from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser. Access your data wherever you are, when you need it.

Sync Your Data

Keep your files, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more synchronized amongst your devices. One folder, two folders and more – get the most recent version of your files with the desktop and web client or mobile app of your choosing, at any time.

Share Your Data

Share your data with others, and give them access to your latest photo galleries, your calendar, your music, or anything else you want them to see. Share it publicly, or privately. It is your data, do what you want with it.

Network Cloud v1

User interface

The main navigation was redesigned to clearly differentiate it from the in-app navigations. This also allows the app more room and thus a better focus on the content of your Network Cloud directories. the new design helps to concentrate more on the content and makes it easier to navigate and setup the Desktop and Mobile syncing clients.


Finally, now users can undelete a file that was accidentally deleted through the web interface. Simply select the files in the trash bin and they are returned to where they were deleted from, with versions maintained.

Powerful Search

A new lucene based full text search engine app is added. People can use the search to not only find files by name but also by content. Scanning is done in the background to ensure a responsive user experience for the users.

Enhanced in Network Cloud v1

User Documentation

Read up on the new improved user documentation to find answers for your questions. The documentation is now built from ReStructured Text files which allows people to easier contribute and fix errors.

File Versioning

The versioning support for files is improved with an intelligent algorithm that automatically expires old version if running out of space. The versioning keeps revisions every 2 seconds for the first 10 seconds, every 10 seconds for the next minute, every minue for the next hour, every hour for the nex 24 hours and one revision per day until running out of space or quota.


Contacts are now organized by groups (categories) instead of address books giving more intuitive access to Friends, Coworkers, Family etc. The main view shows an overview of the most relevant fields and the amount of info adjusts automatically depending the size of the browser window or device.

Other Features


Want to share your calendar with other users of Network Cloud? Enable the Calendar Application, open your calendar, select share, and choose the users or groups you want. You can be sharing your important calendar and important events in no time.

External Storage

Mounting DropBox, Swift, FTPs, GoogleDocs, S3 and external WebDAV servers now works, and is significantly more performant than it used to be.


Want better control over your shared photo gallery? Now you can specify the Network Cloud photo directories, sort order, share your galleries with any email address you choose, and control whether they can share those photos with anyone else.


Want to make Network Cloud look and feel like the rest of your site? Use the new theming directory functionality. Any style or image that you place in this directory will be used in place of standard Network Cloud fonts, colors and icons.

Document Viewer

Want to read open document format files without downloading them? Enable this Application and you can click on any ODF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX formatted document (.odt, .odp, .ods) and read it in your web browser with no download required.

Public API’s

Want to add features and functions to Network Cloud? New publicly defined APIs make creating applications for Network Cloud much simpler, enabling add on functions a stable integration point for future versions.

Migration and Backup

Do you have multiple Network Cloud instances, perhaps a primary and a backup installation? Now you can easily move your Network Cloud user accounts between Network Cloud instances, and have a backup ready when you need it.


Want to keep track of that all-important to do list? With the Tasks Application, you can easily sync your to do lists with your Network Cloud instance.

Application Store

Want to add one of the existing applications to Network Cloud? Simply enable a new application in settings, and it will be automatically downloaded and installed in your Network Cloud instance.

Admin Features


Want to integrate Network Cloud into your existing syslog service? Now Network Cloud can write to syslog log files as well as the existing Network Cloud log file.

LDAP / Active Directory

Want to manage Network Cloud users from a directory? Now Network Cloud enables admins to manage users and groups from their LDAP or AD instance.


Network Cloud is dedicated file sharing system for Data Center Management and Cloud Computing Platform designed to fully automate data centers and manage them in a scalable way. Data share working on all systems.


At Network Gate, we focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses on the Web, enabling them to realize their dreams of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial independence. We pioneered the service for creating and acquiring specific "web addresses" (known as domain name registration), and today offer a full range of Web-related services.

Network Stream

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