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Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS 5.0 Enterprise EditionNetwork Gate CRM/ERP/DMS Enterprise Edition 7 version stands for Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Environment System. We provide our Network CRM for you course you can manage not only customer's data, but also internal business records like employees, inventory, electronic environment, b2b, b2c etc.

Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS 7 Enterprise Edition has modular design. Some modules provide basic, low-level functions like user authentication (login), managing sessions, database connectivity, data entry verification etc. Think of modules as building blocks - you can stack them - one on top of another - to create different shapes. The same way with network gate framework and included modules you can create web application with different functionality: CRM, SFA, ERP - SAP or SCM. In fact we created already.

Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS 7.0 Enterprise Edition develops company Sales Agility using business-model, meaning unlimited propagation and development of completely open product, with reception of profit through rendering of paid services of support, completion and support. As basis Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS Community-version finished own life circle of functionality and moved to new level Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS 7.0 Enterprise Edition through open modules of own development acts. The code of modules is available under license GPL3. As SUDB by default it is offered to use MariaDB. Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS Community-version is completely open project, as by way of availability of initial texts under the free license, and in the field of the open management of development.

CRM package

  • Warehouse Management System
  • Custom Sales and Commision Reporting tool
  • Complete inventory management system integrated with e-commerce
  • School Register with student and courses management
  • and many more custom solutions.
Create Project


  • Create projects for all of your clients
  • Each project will have its own work space
  • Create milestones & set deadlines for each project
  • Add multiple users to each project or simply work alone
  • Client has access to view progress of the project
Project Task


  • Work more efficiently with todo lists [tasks]
  • Tasks can be categories into different milestones
  • Assign tasks to different members of your team
  • Each team member has access to their own tasks
  • Monitor task progress (on-time, behind, etc)


  • Every member is your team will have their own timer
  • Start and Stop your timer as you work
  • Timer can be manually reset or manually edited
  • Keep track on all the timers for each project
  • As the admin you can start ad stop any users timers
 Invoice and Billing


  • Create Invoices for each project
  • Option to allow full or partial invoice payments
  • Your clients will be able to view all their invoices in one place
  • Send invoices via email as attached PDF files
  • Clients can make online payment via Paypal for their invoices
  • Manually add payments against any invoice
 Track Bugs  


  • This application has a built in bug tracker
  • Your clients has report any bugs they find in their products
  • Resolving bugs is now easier allowing you to keep your clients happy
 Support Tickets  


  • This application has a full featured support tickets/help desk section
  • Create different departments (sales/support etc)
  • Clients can submit tickets with file attachments
  • Assign tickets to different members of your team
  • Quickly view the current status of all the tickets in the system
  • Mail to ticket
 Track Project  


  • Tracker automatically updates as you complete the various tasks and milestones
  • Your client can easily see how well you are progressing from their own dashboard
 Project Comments  


  • The application allows you to communicate with your client about the project in general
  • Comments are also available on a file by file basis
  • You can also have private discussions with your team, which the client will not be able to view
 Project Files DMS  


  • The application has a built in AJAX file uploaded and file manager
  • Both you and your clients can upload files to a project
  • Easily see how many times a file has been downloaded
  • The built in commenting system allow you and your client to have a conversation about each file that has been uploaded.


  • Whether you are an individual freelancer or you are a team of developers.
  • Advanced features allowing for team work or solo working
  • Multi-Level Group permissions allowing for drill down permission settings for various team members
 Network Gate Framework Code


  • We have ensured that our code is easy for only us to read and edit, but we have made sure it will be simple and easy to follow for you also.
  • Built on a solid Framework Network gate
  • Our design is 100% template based, meaning you could even edit the templates in a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver.
  • Fully commented code..making it easy for you to make changes if you need to
 CRM Email Template  


  • All emails that are sent out by the system are based on HTML templates
  • The dashboard has a built in HTML editor allowing you to easily edit all the email templates

We were tired of this too. We looked at number of applications - desktop and web based - and none of them were good enough. This is why we created Network Gate Management System.


Among the modules delivered in Network Gate CRM/ERP/DMS, it is possible to note:

  • Advanced Sales - a set of modules for work on contracts, unprofitable, PDF-patterns, quotations and base of products;
  • Advanced Workflow - a cursor for the organization of working process;
  • Advanced Reporter - the module for formation of reports, lists and diagrams;
  • Events - the expanded module for management of all events;
  • Advanced Portal - the organization of work of a web-portal for management of current corporate projects and employees (case-management);
  • JJW Maps - the module for integration with Google Maps;
  • Advanced Theme - the changed subject matter of registration;
  • Security Suite - the organization of work of groups and maintenance of distinction of privileges;
  • As the mobile client it is offered to use Network CRM;
  • For maintenance of integration with Outlook and Thunderbird it is offered to use foreign modules with Sugar Forge;

The Enterprise version includes modules that provide CRM like functionality, plus we added simple Project tracking and Ticketing system (Bug track):

  • Dashboard
  • CRM Companies (address book of companies)
  • CRM Contacts (address book of individuals)
  • Shared Calendar
  • Shared Task List (To Do)
  • Phone Calls Log
  • Projects
  • Tickets
  • Notes and Files (Document Management)
  • Network Gate IMAP e-mail client
  • Exclusive Click2Fill form filling
  • Unique Watchdog module monitoring record changes

And it also are:

  • 100% Online and mobile mode, compactible with other device
  • Web based
  • Multiuser
  • Apps on iPhone, Window Phone, Android
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use
  • Modular design
  • Attractive and intuitive user interface

What is Network CRM/ERP/DMS 7 System

  • Do you "share" documents by sending them as e-mail attachments?
  • Do you need a global, shared address book?
  • Does your company need a shared calendar?
  • Do you want to improve efficiency of your organization and find any information quickly and easily?
  • Are you tired of countless spreadsheets, reports and too many applications deployed in your business?

Network CRM/ERP/DMS 7 is Enterprise web application to store, organize, link and share information between people within a single business or organization. Network CRM/ERP/DMS 7 has a modular design and can be easily customized and modified to match your processes and workflow. It was created using frameworks - a collection of libraries and modules that allow rapid development of new modules.

Network Gate CRM/ERP/SAP/DMS 5 Network Gate CRM/ERP/SAP/DMS 5 Network Gate CRM/ERP/SAP/DMS 5

With Network CRM/ERP/DMS 7 you can access all your data from anywhere, anytime as never before!

Our unique and revolutionary approach will give you piece of mind that all data is stored in a single place, secure, organized and prioritized the way you always wanted.

  • Organize your business now!
  • Reclaim your life!
  • Manage business your way!
High Resolution Yes
Compatible Browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Software Framework Network Gate Framework
Software Version PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
Tags bug tracker, client manager, network gate dashboard, crm, erp, sap, invoice, project manager, software, task manager, timer, ticketing



  • Design updated
  • Email tickets not getting fetched correctly fixed.
  • Some common log messages filtered and warning levels prioritised
  • Subscription next payment date not showing on client side fixed
  • Task list style improved
  • System stability improved
  • Staff percentage issue on project overview page fixed.
  • Invoice reference numbers are now editable
  • Bootstrap framework updated
  • Animation engine changed to improve performance
  • Tasks list now reloads in background automatically when adding new tasks
  • Dashboard design updated
  • Project page splitted into several tabs
  • Project timer is now shown in realtime on project overview
  • New statistics added to project overview
  • Projects progress bar removed and animated circle added
  • Assigned agents are now shown on the projects table
  • MP3 audio playpack support added for media files preview
  • The description did not appear when adding items to estimates
  • Responsiveness of user table in settings fixed
  • Register using an email that has previously been deleted did not work
  • Email tickets stopped on special caracters in email content
  • Items quantity comma to point replacement added
  • No tasks yet – on project page did not get translated
  • Message mark list always empty fixed
  • Notification when client uploads media files added
  • Client password generator issue with unallowed characters fixed
  • Declined estimates are showing up on events as overdue fixed
  • Default ticket type not working on new ticket form
  • Language translation corrections
  • Client company short code missing on credentials email
  • New PDF templates
  • Client registration page added
  • Money format and currency position option in settings added
  • Item description field added
  • Wrong name displayed on sent messages fixed
  • Second tax option added
  • Company vat number added
  • Dashboard calculation uses default tax even invoice has set tax to 0 fixed
  • Client password will be generated when sending credentials
  • Dompdf library updated to support custom .ttf fonts




At Network Gate, we focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses on the Web, enabling them to realize their dreams of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial independence. We pioneered the service for creating and acquiring specific "web addresses" (known as domain name registration), and today offer a full range of Web-related services.

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